Enjoy Your Party!

We believe that the host should enjoy the presence of their guests, rather than be troubled with the preparation and presentation of food and beverages.

Why choose BeBass for your catering?

  • Our products are excellent value for money - moderately priced
  • Our labour hire is very competitive and very competent.
  • We can tailor new menus to suit your needs.
  • Most of our work comes from referrals from our satisfied customers
  • We stretch ourselves for you - open 24hrs - 7 days.
  • Taste the difference of our unique flavours, see our exotic menu

Quality Food and Service

BeBass Catering is committed to deliver quality ingredients and preparation with a twist of good-humoured serviced. We believe that your meal should not only be excellent, but it should be delivered with a smile. Putting you in the mood for a 'bon appetit!'.

Our cuisine is a blend of traditional, continental and exotic flavours. There are some delicacies to tantalise your taste buds and help you discover new aromas.

You can rely on Bebass Catering to take care of your events.

Beverages and Cocktails
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